Valley Road is a great place for family, friends, and individuals to enjoy the many sites, activities, and services of businesses that want you to have a wholesome experience with a touch of country.

   Valley Road Association is a resilient community of businesses with a shared vision of economic development. We do this by supporting wealth-creating activities that are consistent with local values and interests.

We look forward to your visit!

Featured Business of the Month

B & B Tree Service

   The Herman Brothers started in the tree industry in 2001 after purchasing the tree removal company, B & B Tree Service. They quickly realized there was a lot more to the tree industry than tree removal. In 2003, ISA Certification was obtained and through continued education and a focus on customer service, they have transformed the company into a leading edge tree maintenance provider.

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Clubs Driving Range


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Opening after April 1st

  • Rhodes Raspberries
  • Tuff Turf Growers
  • Shaughnessy Gardens
  • Whats the Scoop and Crickle Creek
  • Floral Acres
  • The Strawberry Ranch and The Maze
  • Clubs Driving Range
  • Valley Road Par 3 and Robertson Valley Farm
  • Merrill Dunes Paintball
  • Moon Lake Saskatoon Berry Farm
  • The Berry Barn
  • Lakeshore Tree Farms Ltd
  • Moon Lake Golf and Country Club